BHIC 132 Solved Assignment 2020-21

BHIC 132 Solved Assignment 2020-21

BHIC 132 Solved Assignment HISTORY OF INDIA FROM C. 300 C.E. TO 1206

C. 300 C.E. TO 1206

Solved Assignment

July 2020 and January 2021 

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C. 300 C.E. TO 1206

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BHIC 132 Solved Assignment 2020-21

Q. 4. Describe the Arab invasion of Sindh. Was it a triumph without results?
Ans. Invasion of Sind by Muhammad-Bin-Qasim: At the age of 17 Qasim was entrusted with the work of invading Sindh. By the end of 711 A.D., he was made head of a huge army and led his army towards Debal, a famous seaport. There, a ship of the Arabs was looted by some pirates.

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The port Debal town was well protected and it was not easy for the Qasim’s army to penetrate it. A nephew of Dahir was the governor of Debal who was having a small army. Qasim came to know from a Brahman that the strength of the Sindh army was in the massive Hindu temple inside the fort of Debal and until the red flag fluttered atop the temple, he could not defeat the Hindus. After a fierce battle, Qasim brought down the red flag. The Arabian army started to a massacre and Hindus of Debal were defeated by the Arabs. After that, the nephew of Dahir fled away, Debal was captured and a huge treasure and a large number of women fell into the hands of the Arabs. People were told to accept Islam or choose death.

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Several thousand Hindus and Brahmans were killed on their refusal to embrace Islam. Dahir, despite having prior information of the Arabian attack, did not care at all. Qasim also conquered Nerun, Siwistan and some other strongholds. Dahir did not resist the attackers but in the end, he came out of the fort and went to Rawar to face the invaders.

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In the battle, King Dahir fought bravely and just when the Muslim army was about to collapse, his elephant was struck in the eye by an arrow, it got frightened and fled the battlefield. It surprised the army of King Dahir and they thought that the king had surrendered and fled the battlefield. Taking advantage of this situation, Qasim’s forces
started brutally killing Dahir’s army. Even then, he returned to the battlefield and fought courageously. But in the end, he fell fighting in the midst of his enemies. His widow Rani Ravibai and son Jaisingh took shelter in the fort and tried to offer resistance. The provisions of the fort were finished. Finally, Rani Ravibai and the widows of the Rajput soldiers committed Jauhar and the fort was captured by the Arabs.

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Then, Muhammad proceeded to attack Multan and besieged the fort. Although, there was resistance for two months but a traitor informed Muhammad about the source of water-supply to the town. Muhammad cut off the source due to which Multan was forced to surrender. Muhammad captured the entire treasury of Dahir. He also captured one of his queens, Ladi, and her daughters, Suryadevi and Parmaldevi. He got a vast quantity of gold in Multan and therefore, named it the city of gold. Multan was the last city which was conquered by Muhammad.

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