MHI 02 Solved Assignment 2020-21

MHI 02 Solved Assignment 2020-21

MHI 02 Solved Assignment



Solved Assignment

July 2020 and January 2021

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University – Ignou

Assignment Types – PDF, SOFT COPY /Handwritten on order

Course – Master of Arts  (MHI) HISTORY

Medium / Language –ENGLISH / HINDI MEDIUM 

Session – JULY 2020, JANUARY 2021

Subjects code – MHI 02

Assignment Submission Date – July 2020 session के लिए – 31 March 2021, January 2021 session के लिए – 30 September 2021.

MHI 02 Solved Assignment 2020 – 2021

Course Code: MHI-02

Assignment Code: MHI-02/AST/TMA/2020-21
Total Marks: 100

Note: Attempt any five questions. The assignment is divided into two Sections ‘A’ and
‘B’. You have to attempt at least two questions from each section in about 500 words
each. All questions carry equal marks.

MHI 02 mordern World Solved Assignment
Section – A

1. How did the Renaissance create conditions for the emergence of secular ideology? 20

2. Explain liberal conception of state. 20

3. Define nationalism. ‘Nationalism developed in the world through stages.’ Explain
giving reference to Gellner’s typology. 20 20

4. Write a note on evolution of commercial capitalism. 20

Mhi 02 Solved Assignment 2021 Pdf 
5. Write short notes on any two of the following in about 250 words each. 10+10
i) Nietzsche
ii) Welfare State
iii) Gender and democracy
iv) Meaning of underdevelopment.

MHI 01 Solved Assignment 2020-21


Section – B

6. What is decolonization? Discuss the historical context and the process of
decolonization in the modern world. 20

7. Analyse the nuclear arms race and efforts to control proliferation. 20

8. How is the growth of knowledge related to technological growth? 20

9. Write a note on colonization and the environmental losses. 20

10. Write short notes on any two of the following in about 250 words each. 10+10
i) Mercantilism
ii) Non-Aligned movement
iii) The idea of Plebiscite
iv) Total War.

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MHI 02  SolvedAssignment in English Medium

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