MRDE 03 Solved Assignment 2020-21

MRDE 03 Solved Assignment 2020-21



Solved Assignment

July 2020 and January 2021 

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Course – Master of Arts (Rural Development) (MARD) 2nd Year

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Session – JULY 2020, JANUARY 2021

Subjects code – MRDE 03

Assignment Submission Date – July 2020 session के लिए – 31 March 2021, January 2021 session के लिए – 30 September 2021.

(MARD) Master of Arts (Rural Development)

MRDE 03 Solved Assignment 2020-21

Q. 2. Critically examine the initiatives of non-governmental organisations in the field of land reforms in India.
Ans. Land for the Tillers Freedom (LAFTI), Tamil Nadu LAFTI is an organization that is carrying forward the Bhoodan Movement Mission. LAFTI was also conceived in the east Thanjavur where the landlessness and resultant unrest was high and about 42 people were burnt to death in a dispute in Kilavenmari village in 1968.

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Major Objectives of LAFTI
Following are some of the major objectives of LAFTI:

* Securing the land and distributing it among the landless through democratic means and establishing a new social order.

* A non-violent solution for the problem of the landless.

* Negotiating between the land and the landless and solving the issues in a non-violent manner.

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* Lastly, organizing the people against the illegal holdings and locating the loopholes in Land Legislation. Some activities that were undertaken by LAFTI to meet the objectives were undertaken such as negotiation
between LAFTI and Government Banks and LAFTI and Resource Mobilization and highlight loopholes in the Land Ceiling Act.

* Negotiation between LAFTI and Government Banks and the Government: The problem of paying the cost of the land was solved by LAFTI by negotiating with the local level Banks. Also LAFTI appealed to the government and got the stamp duty and the registration fees waived and got a subsidy. These efforts proved to be
fruitful and 500 acres of land was distributed to 500 landless families. LAFTI also negotiated with the landowners and with lot of effort was successful in convincing the government to agree to the transfer of land to the poor.

LAFTI was successful in getting the rate of interest reduced to 4% as a relief for the poor and also appealed to the donor agencies to bear the burden of interest till the full loan of the land was repaid by the beneficiaries.

Another obstacle faced by LAFTI was the questioning of the Reserve Bank of India about the validity and the utility of the land transfer project. To the objection by the bank, LAFTI answered by saying that land transfer is not
mere transfer of individual ownership but is a process of mutual sharing between the haves and the have nots.

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* LAFTI and Resource Mobilization: The LAFTI land bank scheme started by LAFTI involved 10000 landless families in which these 10000 families will deposit Re 1 per day or Rs 10 per week or Rs 500 per year for 5 years. Also LAFTI planned to transfer 500 acres of land per year to the landless families.

* Highlight Loopholes in the Land Ceiling Act: LAFTI has recommended the government about enacting all the laws that are necessary to plug all the loopholes and recover the expected 60 million acres under the Land
Ceiling Act. Also LAFTI petitioned the President of India in which the weaknesses in the ordinance were pointed and also following suggestions were made:

* Devising the methods and the means to identify the benamidars to distinguish among the benamidars below the poverty line and confer the ownership to the ones below the poverty line and taking away the surplus and
fallow land and distributing to the landless.

The exemption clause for groves/orchads called thopu in Tamil. LAFTI advocated the removal of exemption cause for Thopu so that the land can be distributed to the landless poor.

* Another aspect was the transfer of land in the name of religious and public trusts. LAFTI pleads that the trust in the name of schools, hospitals and Dharamshalas be taken over by the government for redistribution.

This experiment by LAFTI can be experimented in other states also where the land mis-distribution is the cause
of social inequality and unrest. The programme by LAFTI can be adopted by other states and may become a nationwide movement that established a non-violent, people-oriented strategy towards solving the land problem.

Bhu-Adhikar Abhiyan – A Case Study of Ekta Parishad in Madhya Pradesh In 1984, an NGO was registered in Madhya Pradesh, Ekta Parishad. This NGO has been a broad based people’s movement for their own empowerment. It has been able to mobilize the underpriviledged people like tribal, dalits and
other backward communities. The movements of the NGO are based on principles of Samvad Sangarhash, Rachna.

The aim of the NGO is to appreciate the crucial importance of mass struggle for radical changes in social structure. It also highlights the significant problems like gender discrimination, corruption, etc. The major struggle of the NGO is against the state machinery and the landlords and the mafia and other power groups that are enjoying and
allowing uninhibited plunder on natural resources. The objectives of the NGO in forming the people’s movement are
as follows:

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* Opposing the policy of inviting tenders from the private companies.
* Scraping the afforestation programme funded by the World Bank.
* Regularizing and settling the land problems and giving pattas to the occupant cultivators.
* Securing the right to the traditional land of the cultivators.
* Enforcing joint ownership of husband and wife on the property.
* Re-evaluation of the criteria set by the government that involved settlement of the forest land.
* Resolving the problems of the settlement of revenue land.
* Resolving other land related problems.
The two major problems found by Ekta Parishad after conducting the survey are as follows:


* Settling the problems of non-occupants patta-holders and illegal occupancy.
* Illegal selling of the land belonging to the adivasis.

Then Ekta Parishad organized a Bhu-Adhikar rally in 1996. The NGO believed that land problem is the crux of all the problem because control over land and forest was important for the livelihood of the people. Many
organizations participated in the rally. Also Ekta Parishad called a convention of Adivasis heads of villages in Bhopal to protest against the World Bank sponsored Mega project. The key principle behind the project was
stress on people’s participation. A memorandum was submitted after the project that demanded resolution of the land problems to scraping of the forestry project. Till today the NGO is fighting with the government and other power groups for providing land rights for the survival and livelihood of the adivasis and the dalits in Madhya Pradesh.

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