Msw 01 Solved Assignment 2020

Msw 01 Solved Assignment 2020

Msw 01 Solved Assignment 2020


MSW–1 Origin and Development of Social Work
Solved Assignment
July 2019 and January 2020

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Title – MSW– 001 Origin and Development of Social Work

University – Ignou

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Course – Master in Social Work (msw) 


Session – JULY 2019, JANUARY 2020

Subjects code – msw 1

Assignment Submission Date – July 2019 session के लिए – 15 June 2020, January 2020 session के लिए – 30 September 2020.

MSW 01 Solved Assignment 2019 – 2020 ENGLISH Medium


Q. 1. Define social work? Write a note on social work as a profession.

Social workers have extensive roles to play. Their professional responsibilities include individual case as well as community services. They work as social activists, policy analysts, administrators and many other roles as per the requirements. They aim to minimize human suffering and strive to help others. They empower people by helping them get rid of their problems. History however shows social workers have struggled to establish social work as a profession. Role theory, which proposes of combination of views of social workers about themselves and how others see them – that means integrating diverse views about the profession can give a mutually agreeable definition on the social work.


MSW 01 Solved Assignment 2020 pdf
According to the Preamble to the American Council on Social Work Education’s (CSWE) Educational Policy and Accreditation Standards, Social work promotes well-being if the mankind by improving opportunities, resources, and capacities of people and by creating policies and services to rectify conditions which restrict human rights and
the quality of life. Social work aims to eradicate poverty, oppression and discrimination. It has environment perspective and believes in human diversity. It works for social and economic justice globally.
The following are the objectives of social work:
(i) To improve well-being of the mankind and eradicate poverty, oppression and social injustice.
(ii) To improve the social functioning and interactions among individuals, families, organizations and communities
by involving them in developing resources, preventing and alleviating distress and achieving objectives.
(iii) To formulate and implement policies, programmes and services to fulfil basic human needs and help in the
development of human capacities.
(iv) To promote social and economic justice through policies, programmes and services.
(v) To advance social work practice through research, knowledge and skills, and

(vi) To develop and apply practice to achieve the goals. Social work has professional boundary and identity issues because it has dual focus on individual or group functioning and social policies. Because of its vast scope, social workers need vast knowledge and skills to operate
effectively. Social workers are now specilizing and it can threaten the unity of a profession in case of a variety of
perspectives and no orderly scheme to categorise the specialization fields.

According to Minahan and Pincus, the focus of social work which lacks a coherent scheme can be categorised by methods such as casework, community organization, group work, problem areas, population groups, methodological function, geographic areas, administration and social action, fields of practice, specific treatment modalities and size of target.

During the last century, there are changes in the emphasis on cause or function, environmental reform or individual change and social treatment or direct service.
In the Person-in-Environment (PIE) framework, social work gives importance to the person as well as the environment. In the conceptual framework, social work has been reflexive as a profession. It becomes flux and gets a confusing identity when the desire is also include in terms of specialization areas. According to Popple, social work aims to have its domain by becoming more exclusive.
In India, specializations in social work like medical and psychiatric social work, family and child welfare and criminology and correctional administration emerged after independence.
Mandal says that aspects of Western social work education are relevant to India, yet what is required is a focus on preventive and macro-based social work practice. Ejaz stated that social work in India attempts to resolve economic and developmental problems both in rural and urban areas.
In her article, “The Future of Social Work Practice”, Elizabeth Clark, then the Executive Director of the National
Association of Social Workers in the U.S., believes that American social work practice in future will be faced with identifying and reacting to new needs in a timely fashion, besides image, salary and reimbursement issues.

For this, knowledge of politics and social trends will be required. Political social work and activism will be strongly required in case of conservative government and limited resources.
According to Clark, certain populations will remain more vulnerable socially and economically than others and their needs will be even more intense in the future. There will be increased need for health and mental health services along with increasing disparities in access to care. There will be more integrated services that include social workers and it will be a trend away from single profession service delivery. Information and technology will play a major ROLE In social work. According to Clark, forensic social work and corporate social work will increase.
In his article, “Social Work in India: A “Bright” Future?”, Ajit Kumar, a faculty member with the Matru Seva
Sangh Institute of Social Work, Nagpur, talked about the future of social work in India.
Kumar stated that industrial development has been relied upon to take care of social problems. He said SUCH development has increased the complexities of caste, religion, language and history and still there are enormous
problems. Problems like poverty, illiteracy, child mortality, malnutrition, joblessness and homelessness are pervasive
and basic resources like water and roads are still not available to groups of people because of the corruption and
inefficiency in institutional structures. He believes that social workers will only be able to play a limited role in alleviating people’s problems if these emerge from structural forces.
Social work as a profession seeks to help and empower vulnerable groups in society such as women, persons with disabilities, children and the elderly as well as people living with HIV/AIDS. According to the International Federation of Social Workers and the International Association of Schools of Social Work, the social work profession promotes social change, problem-solving in human relationships and the empowerment and liberation of people to enhance well-
being. Utilizing theories of human behaviour and social systems, social work intervenes at the points where people
interact with their environments. Principles of human rights and social justice are fundamental to social work.

MSW 01 Solved Assignment 2019 – 2020
The objectives of social work are:

(i) To eradicate poverty, oppression and social injustice.
(ii) To help in improve the social functioning and interactions among individuals, families, organizations and
(iii) To formulate and implement various policies, programmes and services to meet basic needs and help in the
development of human capacities.
(iv) To work for improving social and economic justice.
(v) To work on improving social work practice through research, knowledge and skills, and
(vi) To apply social work practice to attain the objectives.
Social work as an interrelated system of values, theory and practice.
Social work aims at meeting human needs and developing human potential. The motivation and justification for
social work action are human rights and social justice.
It aims to eradicate poverty and to liberate oppressed people to promote social inclusion. Its values are based on equality, worth and dignity of all people. Social work method is based on a systematic body of evidence-based knowledge drawn from research and practice evaluation. It recognizes the facts that the interaction between human beings and their environment is complex, and people have capacity to get affected by and to change the multiple influences upon them.
Social work addresses the impediments, inequities, discrimination and injustices in society. It deals with day-to-day personal and social problems as well as crises and emergencies. It uses various skills, techniques and activities.
It covers person-focused psychosocial processes to social policy, planning and development. Its operation includes
counseling, group work, clinical social work, pedagogical work and family treatment and therapy and helping people
get services and resources.

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