Placing Order Letter

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Placing Order Letter


10th, 11th and 12th class

Q1. You are Ravi /Sunita incharge of physical Education Delhi International School, Rohini, Delhi. Write a letter to M/S Apex sports company, New Delhi, placing an order for sports items / equipments with details.


Delhi International School
Rohini, Delhi

7th March, 2019

The Manager
M/S Apex sports Company
New Delhi

Sub:- Placing order for sports items.


      You have a very good name of selling quality sports items. Your sports items are of superior quality. After going through your latest catalogue of sports items. I am placing an order for the following items as per school requirement.

S. No.       Name of item            quantity
1.              Footballs                           10
2.              Volleyball and nets         10
3.              Badminton rackets         15
4.              Cricket kits and balls      12
5.              Sports track suits            2 dozen

All the items should be of good quality substandard items will be returned. Items should be delivered in school before 1 P. M on any working day. Please send the bill after deducting maximum discount as is relevant for educational institutes.

Yours truly

Note -> इस Letter को (सामान / goods) मंगाने के लिए लिखा जाता है। जैसे sports का सामान, Books, Furniture, Lab का सामान, Stationery का सामान आदि।

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