RDD 7 Solved Assignment 2020-21

RDD 7 Solved Assignment 2020-21



Solved Assignment

July 2020 and January 2021 

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Course – Master of Arts (Rural Development) (MARD) 2nd Year

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Session – JULY 2020, JANUARY 2021

Subjects code – RDD 7

Assignment Submission Date – July 2020 session के लिए – 31 March 2021, January 2021 session के लिए – 30 September 2021.

(MARD) Master of Arts (Rural Development)

RDD 7 Solved Assignment 2020-21


Q. 3. Shanon-Weaver Information Model
Ans. Shannon Weaver Information Model: The model designed by Claude E. Shannon and Warren Weaver they define communication as “all the procedure by which one mind may affect other. . . Shannon and Weaver say
that the word information in his theory is used in a very special manner. It is different from “meaning”.

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They established the idea of redundancy and entropy. Redundancy means certainty and entropy means uncertainty. If the
noise of the channel would be greater the need for redundancy would be greater which reduce them entropy of the message. Shannon Weaver Model the source of the information produce the message in form of signification through spoken or written words, music or pictures. Transmitter gives the signal to show the message convenient for the channel to be used. Channel refers to the carrier which transfers the message. Paper is also a channel for writing.

RDD 7 solved Assignment

In a conversation source of information is brain. Voice mechanism is transmitter and the signal is spoken word and vocal system. The air is channel and signal is air and pressure passing from vocal system of one person to the ear of different people. The message is encoded by the transmitter and decoded by the receiver. Transmitter signal and received signal is the noise source which interfere the receiving of the message. The received signal refers to what the receiver understands and what he makes sense of the message. Destination refers to the person or thing who receives the message. Destination also refers to tele-printers, receiving electric impulse and transfers them into roman letters.

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Claude Shannon established the theory for the engineering field which is also relevant to communication theory. In this model communication is basically one way process. This process is known mathematical theory of
communication and it is also known as information theory. The most important feature of this theory is it approaches
to what constitute information. The source is the information from which we make out different meaning which we make out in different circumstances. This theory is a technological model which confirms the transmission of message through machines, humans and different means. In this model there is very little scope for feedback and context.

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