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MPS 001 solved Assignment 2022-23 pdf

MPS 001 Solved Assignment 2022-23

MPS 001 Solved Assignment 2022-23

MPS 001 Political Theory Solved Assignment 2022-2023

यह Assignment Ignou University से MA Political Science Course कर रहे Studets का है | अगर आप MPS 1st Year के student है और MPS 001 solved Assignment 2022-23 Session का सर्च कर रहे हैं तो यह पोस्ट आप की मदद करेंगा | MPS 001 से लेकर MPS 004 तक के solved Assignment के लिए इस पोस्ट को पढ़े | यहाँ हम MPS 001 Solved Assignment 2022-23 English medium में देखेंगे |

Course Name / Course Tittle – (MPS) Master Of Arts Political Science
Subject Name / Course Tittle –  Political Theory
Subject Code / Course Code – MPS 001
Medium Of Study – Hindi / English
Session – July 2022 – Jan 2023 (2022-2023) 
Last Date of submission – 30 May For July 2022 Session & 15 November For Jan 2023 Session

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MPS 001 Solved Assignment july 2022 & Jan 2023 Session

Q. 4. Discuss negative liberty.
Ans. Liberty has gained importance in the modern times. It is the Central concept around which individual freedom and Developmental revolves. It is very important for development of the human being. Without it, it is very difficult to imagine all round and balanced development of personality. It is one the important conditions for the success of democracy. However, it is very complex concept, having strong emotional appeal. The term liberty has been in use since medieval time, but it lias different meaning in the different times. But ‘vhat is unique that n commonality hns been perceptible in the various usage of the tenn.
However, there are mainly two senses in which liberty is used-negative and positive.

Negative liberty, means minimum possible restriction on liberty It implies that liberty is possible only when there are no obstacles and restrictions on its enjoyment. One can not do anything in respect of natural nnd extraordinary obstacles nnd restrictions that most often than not come in tlie way of enjoyment of liberty. For example, flood can restrict one’s movement and force him or her to slay put in n place.

Tlie negative liberty means an area in which one can do what he wishes to do without being restricted by others. There is no agreement as what should be the limit to the area. However, there is a consensus that absolute freedom does not exist nnd the aren iii which he or she hns to operate is not unlimited. It is limited to the extent that it does not the social life and others’ freedom. Otherwise, there would be total social chaos and upheaval.

The law must limit the area of free action. However, nt the same time, it should be ensured that person should have certain minimum area of personal freedom. Moreover, this area should not be violated in any circumstances. As Sir Isaac Berlin has observed, underlining this exclusive sphere of freedom: The fundamental sense of freedom is freedom from chains, from imprisonment, from enslavement by others. The rest is the extension of this sense.

Even Mill and Locke subscribe to this point view of liberty. They believed that civilization could not progress until nnd unless such an area of unfettered freedom is guaranteed to the individuals. In the absence of it, there would be no creativity and originality would (nke n back seal. The pawn would be reduced to the crippled life, lacking moral courage to charter any independent course of action. Mill maintained that society would be cm shed by (he weight of the collective mediocrity.

The negative view of the liberty hns been criticized on ninny grounds. These are as follows:

Firstly, there is not much weightage in the argument that truth would not come out without liberty. The history is replete with such examples where truth has prevailed even if the was authoritarian one. Even in the most regimented and disciplined society, (nith lias always prevailed despite all efforts to suppress it.

Secondly, negative view of tlie liberty does not takes in to account the fact that slate and law are not always obstacles to tlie liberty. On contrary, these can facilitate its enjoyment.

👉 यह भी पढ़े –राज्य निर्माण और राष्ट्र निर्माण

Thirdly, it is not corect to say that state is a necessary evil. To restrict the functions of the state to the minimum is to deny the needy, the poor, the disabled and the men in distress the helping hand of the state. It is against the concept of the welfare state, which ensures conditions or situation in society where everyone can realize his or her potentiality.

The negative view of the liberty sidelines the fact that main obstacles to the enjoyment of liberty are poverty, disease, ignorance, socioeconomic back-wardness. Lack of political and economic nre tlie real obstacles to die liberty.


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